PTA UK Ltd Partner with Frigosystem SRL

Frigosystem chiller

It’s an exciting start to the year for us here at PTA UK Ltd as we announce our new partnership with Frigosystem SRL. This partnership marks a significant milestone, enabling us to offer a diverse range of process cooling equipment to our valued customers in the UK and Ireland. Our first public showcase in the UK will be at Plastics Live, scheduled for June 12-13th at Coventry Building Society Arena.

The high-quality Italian products, backed by over 50 years of manufacturing experience, will now be supplied and supported directly from our facilities in Northamptonshire. We’re proud to mention that we’ll maintain standard stock chillers and spare parts to ensure prompt assistance and support to both new and existing Frigosystem customers. Several large units have already been shipped this year and the launch hasn’t even begun.

The experience that Frigosystem has gained over the 50 years of manufacturing, they realise the need for continuous adaptation to market needs, and the search for ever new technological solutions have brought the company to a leading position in the plastics sector and to become the point of reference for competence, quality and competitiveness. The relationships with end users and process machinery manufacturers, have made Frigosystem the ideal partner for those looking for sustainable solutions and advantageous energy benefits in the production process.

For this reason the company has redesigned its ranges twice in the last 6 years, guaranteeing the highest levels of energy efficiency, which even go beyond the minimum requirements imposed today by international regulations.

The cooling and thermoregulation of fluids are crucial in many applications, where they significantly influence the quality of finished products and the productivity of lines: the equipment dedicated to these functions is particularly energy-intensive. It is therefore important to rely on those who, like Frigosystem, research, develop and recommend solutions aimed at the process, which are far different from the traditional ones applied to the air conditioning sector.

Introducing a chiller range to our offerings was a natural progression for PTA UK Ltd after 25 years in the industry. We’ve been deeply involved in supplying, designing, and managing the installation of central cooling systems since the 90s through other companies. With the addition of Frigosystem’s dedicated product range, we can now provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for their entire process.

Our Marketing Manager, Charlotte Robb, expresses her enthusiasm: “The new range of chillers and cooling equipment offer a wide variety to our customers, with many technical and cost-effective solutions available. We are very excited to begin the launch to the marketplace now and expand the product range over the coming months.”

Director Jeremy Radcliffe adds, “The Frigosystem portfolio offers PTA UK Ltd a range of products that can deliver up to 4700kW of cooling capacity. Additionally, we can provide efficient solutions with lower energy consumption or heat recovery for other uses within the factory. This aligns perfectly with what both PTA UK and our customers are seeking. The extensive range enables us to offer the best and most cost-effective solutions for our customers.”

If you’re seeking the ideal solution for your application and budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our technical team. Whether it’s assisting you over the phone using plant specifications or arranging a site visit to discuss your specific requirements, we’re here to help.