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At PTA UK Ltd, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Frigosystem SRL. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, allowing us to offer a diverse range of industrial chilling and cooling solutions to our valued customers in the UK and Ireland.

About Frigosystem SRL:

Founded in 1970, Frigosystem has maintained a steadfast focus on designing, manufacturing, and selling industrial chillers and temperature controllers. With extensive experience in high-accuracy systems, Frigosystem’s wide product range caters to the specific demands of both small and large industries. Their commitment to innovation, continuous technological research, and ethical practices have fueled their growth and solidified partnerships with world-renowned OEMs. Frigosystem’s global presence is supported by a robust sales and service network.

Frigosystem Product Range

Frigosystem RACA/C – Portable Water Chiller

RACA-C - Portable Water Chiller

The RACA-C series by Frigosystem consists of compact and portable water chillers equipped with scroll compressors and a maintenance-free submerged evaporator, making them ideal for cooling fluids such as water or mixtures of water and antifreeze.

Frigosystem NATU-RA

NATU-RA - Water Chiller

The NATU-RA series by Frigosystem offers small chillers with big efficiency, featuring an ecological refrigerant gas R-410A, customisable hydronic groups, and a water circuit with thermal insulation, making them reliable, precise, and energy-efficient.


RACA PLUS ENERGY - High Efficiency Chiller

The RACA PLUS ENERGY series, meticulously crafted by Frigosystem, stands out for its high efficiency at partial loads, utilising an ecological refrigerant gas R410A, and is designed to fully satisfy cooling application requirements with an average ESEER showing a 35% seasonal energy reduction compared to chillers using R407c refrigerant gas.

Frigosystem RACA Heavy Duty Chiller

RACA HEAVY DUTY - Heavy Duty Process Chiller

Designed for heavy-duty applications, these robust chillers operate in critical climate conditions. The perfect union of semi-hermetic screw compressors and unique design ensures reliability and efficiency.

I-RES Chiller

I-RES - Cooled Chiller with Magnetic Levitation

I-RES chillers feature oil-free centrifugal compressors with magnetic levitation. Their innovative Turbocor compressor (using R134a gas) achieves unprecedented partial load efficiency levels. ESEER is 60% higher than traditional chillers.

SKID pumping systems

SKID - Pumping System

Frigosystem’s pumping units facilitate fluid circulation in refrigeration or thermoregulation systems. These hydraulic intermediation systems are customised to meet specific flow rates, temperatures, and pressure losses.

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Frigosystem KBFC heat exchanger

KBFC - Water/Air Heat Exchanger

Frigosystem’s cooling coils (KBFC) are water/air heat exchangers. They receive chilled water from Frigosystem refrigerators and cool the air flow for process applications. These silent, compact units ensure efficient heat exchange.

KITE-DEX heat exchanger

KITE-DEX - Air Cooler

KITE-DEX air coolers, part of Frigosystem’s KITE series, provide efficient cooling solutions. Their innovative design ensures reliable performance in various industrial applications.

Frigosystem KITE heat exchanger

KITE - Air Cooler

KITE air coolers, designed for refrigeration or thermoregulation systems, offer efficient heat exchange. Their flexibility and reliability adapt seamlessly to different thermal load conditions.

Frigosystem Dry Coolers

DC - Dry Cooler

A versatile and efficient solution for thermorefrigeration, the DC dry cooler by Frigosystem operates in a closed circuit without the need for fresh water, eliminating problems associated with traditional cooling towers. It offers exceptional efficiency compared to the most innovative indirect circuit cooling towers.

ACE adiabatic cooler

ACE - Adiabatic Cooler

The ACE adiabatic cooler by Frigosystem is a reliable dry cooling solution designed for efficient heat exchange in various applications, ensuring optimal cooling performance and energy efficiency.

Frigosystem HC - thermo-refrigerator

HC - Thermo-refrigerator

A versatile and efficient solution for thermorefrigeration, the HC unit by Frigosystem is designed to meet various cooling needs with precision and reliability.

Frigosystem TRW - TMO temperature control unit

TRW/TMO – Water & Oil Temperature Control Unit

The TRW/TMO temperature control units by Frigosystem are reliable solutions for thermoregulation, utilising integrated heating and/or cooling of water or diathermic oil in production circuits, ensuring precision and regular thermal operating conditions.